Water for Elephants Film Trailer Released

5 Mar

A  little over a year ago a friend recommended I read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. It’s not my normal choice of fic, while I like books set in previous times, I prefer my historical fic to go back several hundred years.  Anyhoo, I gave it a go and though I wasn’t enthralled by the book I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

A few months later, I sat down to read The Water for Elephants script and let me tell you, that was RIVETING…it was better than the book.  The script is tight, fast moving and certain changed-up scenes are better in the script than in the book.

At the time I was reading, the cast for the film was announce and with the exception of Christoph Waltz I wasn’t convinced.  Reese Witherspoon as Marlena seemed way too old for the role and though I Love Robert Pattinson, I feared he didn’t have the chops to carry this film.

I think I may stand corrected.  Directed by Francis Lawrence, this Water for Elephants trailer brings the Depression Era circus to life and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Rob looks and sounds so convincing.  I am OFFICIALLY EXCITED.  Water for Elephants releases in North America on April 22, 2011.


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