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How failed author Amanda Hocking made 2 Million dollars from e-books

4 Mar

I read this article this morning in the Toronto Star and was immediately WOWED. There are so many AMAZINGLY TALENTED writers out there, on and that this article really spoke to me.  It really gives hope to those writers out there who have unrecognized talent and can’t break into the publishing world.

Amanda Hocking books are already on my kindle, she was rec’d to me several weeks ago. I look forward to reading and will share my thoughts.

A year ago Amanda Hocking was working full-time at a job earning $18,000 a year. Now she’s writing and publishing her own ebooks, raking in close to $2 million.

Hocking, who lives in Austin, Minn., has sold more than 900,000 copies of her nine books, the first of which went on sale last April.

Her sales are so brisk (more than 450,000 in January alone), she may have broken the one-million mark by the time you read this.

Though she’s excited, “the numbers sort of seem unreal,” Hocking told the Star.

The 26-year-old, who specializes in paranormal fiction, wrote her first book at 17.

“It wasn’t very good,” she admits.

She kept writing, kept sending query letters to publishers, and kept getting nothing but rejection letters back.

After Switch was turned down (which has become her best-selling book, she says), Hocking looked into self-publishing.

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